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Attendance on Exam Days (UPDATED)

Attendance on Exam Days (UPDATED)

Students and parents have had several questions regarding attendance during state exam week. For clarification, NC attendance law states that students must attend school every day, even on exam days. 

If parents/guardians choose to keep their student home on exam days, understand that they will be marked absent/unexcused. Parents should review their student's attendance in Powerschool to ensure that the student is not in violation of Board Policy 4400 (See below). Unexcused absences are marked as 2A in Powerschool. 

Students that do not attend during exam days will be marked absent from ALL classes. 

Students that have CFCC classes off campus should communicate with their teachers to let them know of their absence due to CFCC classes during the testing week.

Board Policy 4400- Attendance

In regard to athletic participation, Board Policy 3620 states "To participate in an interscholastic athletic contest, a student-athlete must be in attendance on the day of the game if school is in session." 

Board Policy 3620- Athletic Participation