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Back to School Update - Welcome Vikings!!!

Back to School Update - Welcome Vikings!!!

Back to School Update - Welcome Vikings - 8/14/20

  • Please check your child’s PowerSchool for their schedule. If you need to contact the teacher this can be done through the teacher's school website, or teacher email, all of which can be found under the “faculty/staff” tab on our school website.  The majority of our teachers have email addresses in the following format: 

  • A majority of our teachers are using CANVAS for their Learning Management System (LMS).  However, some are using Google Classroom or Edgenuity.  

  • Teachers are currently, or will be contacting their students through CANVAS or student email prior to the start of their first class.

  • Students log in to CANVAS through NCEdCloud with their PowerSchool credentials.  

  • All students will be provided with information for each assigned course prior to the first meeting of that course.  

  • Student email passwords default to their PowerSchool number. If that number is less than 8 digits please add preceding zeros in order to get to eight digits.

  • Our daily schedule is posted on our school website along with resources for students and parents.  Students are expected to interact with their remote classrooms daily.  Students will have at minimum two meetings per week with the teacher, but assignments will be posted daily.  

  • Attendance will be monitored and students will be expected to interact with their classroom teachers daily, not solely on days they may have class meetings.  

  • The expectation for all students is that their school day is from 8:30-3:30. This will include a combination of synchronous and asynchronous work.  Students will be graded in all classes and are expected to complete assignments by the required due dates.  

  • During Plan C, Virtual Academy students will be included in our master schedule and enrolled with the remainder of the student body in Hoggard classes.  Teachers may have some students on their course load enrolled in the academy, and a majority who are under Plan C.  Virtual Academy students will be completing course work within their core content through Edgenuity, however, these students are encouraged to check in with their assigned teacher and/or join their class meetings.  

  • Once we are able to move into Plan B student and teacher assignments may need to change to accommodate Virtual Academy teaching and learning, and specific staffing needs.  We will work to minimize the impact of any changes to the best of our ability.  

  • All students and parents are encouraged to check our website and social media outlets regularly for updates.  

  • All students who applied to the Virtual Academy by the given deadline have been accepted.