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Course Registration for the 21-22 School Year

Course Registration for the 21-22 School Year

All current students grades 9-11 were emailed on 3/4/21 with information about registering for their courses for next year. Please see below for the steps outlined in their email so that parents can assist them in registering for their courses. Counselors have to assist over 1600 students in this process, so we ask that students and parents be patient and wait for their counselor's second email to go out before emailing with questions. Thank you so much!

Step 1: Watch the entire registration video. This is a new video with up to date information about course options and how to's for registration.

Step 2: Discuss and research course options with your parent/guardian at home. Use our website and video as resources.

Step 3: Register for your classes in Powerschool. This will remain open from March 4th until March 31st. Please select your courses carefully and be sure you are signing up for the correct level and course. Remember to take these requests seriously as it is likely you won't be able to change your schedule.

Step 4: WAIT for your assigned counselor to email you again. Counselors will be reaching out to students (starting with Juniors, then Sophomores, and then Freshmen) between now and April 15th with further directions. You will have the opportunity to request a meeting with your counselor but you MUST register for your classes first and then wait for an email from us.