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COVID Protocols: Who to Speak With, Quarantine Info, Making-up Work

COVID Protocols: Who to Speak With, Quarantine Info, Making-up Work

In an effort to be consistent with how we will be treating students that must quarantine, please read the information below.

  • If a student has COVID symptoms or has been exposed, the parent must reach out to Nurse Mathous. The nurse will talk through each situation, determine the next steps the parent should take, and provide an estimated date to return to school.
    • Note: If the nurse requires follow-up after a COVID test or doctor visit, it will be the parent's responsibility to contact the nurse.
  • Nurse Mathous will email the students' teachers to let them know of a quarantine, an expected date of return, or return pending COVID testing.
  • It is the parent and student's responsibility to communicate with the teachers to discuss getting school work. Most of the Hoggard teachers are keeping their CANVAS pages updated with work and lessons so students can access them at any time. Students without access to a computer and/or wifi at home can request hard copies and have them picked up from the school. We ask for a 24-hour notice to collect work.
  • Students that are quarantined will be marked 1R by his/her teachers as long as the student is communicating on a regular basis and completing work as assigned. Students that do not communicate or complete work will be marked 2A (unexcused absence) until they return and then it will be corrected to a 1D (quarantine, which is excused).